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New Rules for Dental Technicians from 1/7/2008

6th June 2007

As from 1st July 2008 you must be registered as a Dental Technician with the General Dental Council to be able to work as a Dental Technician in Great Britain.

Dental Technicians practicing Dental Technology in Great Britain must be on the General dental Councils Register of Dental Care Professionals – Dental Technicians by 1st July 2008 to continue to be able to practice as Dental technicians beyond that date. 

It will be an offence for a person or person(s) to practice Dental Technology in Great Britain if they are not on the register by that date.  It takes about 10 weeks for the General Dental Council to process applications from receipt of the correctly completed forms and references to placing on the register.  As more applications come in closer to that date processing of applications will probably become longer.

General Dental Council
37 Wimpole Street
Great Britain
Tel: 020 7887 3800
Fax: 020 7224 3294

Dateline: June 2007

Skill Shortage 

There is a severe shortage of dental technicians in the UK according to a recent report.

There are are approximately 8,000 people working as dental technicians in the UK, compared with 60,000 in Germany.

The profession is largely forgotten, and fails to merit even a mention on the Department of Health website. A sizeable proportion of those who do train as prosthetic technicians leave the NHS for better-paid jobs in private healthcare. 

Academics are calling for urgent government funding and a high-profile recruitment campaign before all the existing technicians retire. 

Dateline: May 2005

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