DentTech: Online Recruitment for Dental Technicians


Do you need to advertise a vacancy - but frustrated because it can be many weeks before your vacancy appears in the dental press?
Are the lengthy delays before you start getting a response to your advertisement causing you problems?
We have the solution!

  • A dedicated web site for the recruitment of dental technicians.
  • Your vacancy can be posted on our web site instantly for viewing by those seeking a job.
  • Advertisers don't even need a computer or web access.
  • Simply contact us by letter, phone, fax, or e-mail and we will immediately post your vacancy on our dedicated web site.

Listings Include:

  • Job Vacancies
  • Jobs Wanted
  • Lab Equipment for Sale
  • Lab Equipment Wanted
  • Laboratory for Sale
  • Laboratories Wanted
  • Bench Space to Rent 
  • Bench Space Wanted